Learning Strategy Development

Develop learning strategy and philosophy to drive business performance



Competency Area

Learning Design


Align learning strategies to drive performance

Ensure alignment of business practices and peformance requirements with Objectives of learning technologies

Methods of analysing outcomes of learning needs and learner profile analyses

Types of current and emerging learning technologies

Concepts and techniques in storyboarding

Learning technology design processes

User interface design methods and techniques

Methods to trial learning technology prototypes

Methods to conduct feasibility and performance assessments

Stages of technology and system development life cycles

Components of a learning technology implementation and integration plan

Develop options for learning strategies

Review internal learning offerings and delivery capabilities

Align learning offerings and delivery capabilities to learning strategies

Evaluate best practices and techniques across the value chain of learning activities

Guide market trends analyses to assess opportunity and gap areas

Review microeconomic and macroeconomic factors that impact learning strategies

Evaluate feasibility of emerging learning technology application

Evaluate effectiveness of learning strategies based on defined criteria

Propose learning strategy adjustments

Manage integration between learning strategies and business objectives

Establish learning strategies and philosophies

Develop learning strategies aligned to business objectives

Oversee internal learning curriculum and delivery capabilities

Integrate best learning practices with learning strategy formulation

Synthesise market trend analyses with learning strategy formulation

Devise and reformulate learning strategies based on microeconomic and macroeconomic factors

Determine approaches on learning technology adoption that help to drive learning strategies

Establish criteria to measure effectiveness of learning strategies

Drive re-formulation of learning strategies

Drive integration between learning strategies and business objectives