Learning Solution Design

Design and evaluate learning solutions which drive performance enhancement



Competency Area

Learning Design


Identify learning solutions to enhance performance

Is able to clearly articulate

Types of learning activities to be delivered

Desired learning outcomes

Types of learning modes to be deployed

Learner demographics and learning style considerations

Types of technology- enabled learning environment trends

Vendor management procedures for contracting of renovation or construction work

Develop learning solutions to enhance performance

Analyse organisation’s intended objectives and business outcomes

Analyse outcomes of learner profile and learning needs analyses and workplace performance diagnoses

Implement design thinking processes, adult learning and instructional design theories to develop learning solutions prototypes

Conduct trials to assess learning solutions prototypes

Conduct feasibility analyses to identify potential implementation issues

Present outcomes of learning solutions trials to demonstrate benefits

Incorporate feedback and outcomes of learning solutions prototype trials to create final product

Develop implementation plans to facilitate effective integration of learning solutions

Direct and evaluate learning solutions design

Synthesise outcomes of leaner, learning needs and performance metrics analyses

Evaluate trends and emerging learning solutions design processes

Establish design thinking frameworks to facilitate development of learning solutions

Evaluate potential to integrate learning solutions into overall process improvement strategies

Develop processes and guidelines for conducting learning solutions trials

Evaluate outcomes of learning solutions trials

Design framework for implementation plans of learning solutions