Learning Mode Design

Assess, design and integrate suitable learning modes to drive desired learning experiences



Competency Area

Learning Design


Use the learning modes to be deployed

Able to adopt types of learning technologies and solutions to situations

Appropriately use the learning solutions

Can use different methods to trial learning solutions prototypes and provide accurate feedback

is able to deploy whole or certain components of implementation plans as the situation / context demands

Design learning modes to be deployed

Define objectives of learning modes

Analyse outcomes of learning needs and learner profile analyses

Assess learning environment constraints

Conduct research on emerging learning mode applications

Create learning mode storyboard concepts

Apply adult learning and instructional design principles to develop learning mode prototypes in accordance to design plans

Conduct learning mode prototype trials

Apply feedback relating to learning mode prototypes to develop final learning mode product

Analyse the feasibility of deploying multiple learning modes

Develop implementation plan for integrating multiple learning modes into learning programmes and products

Direct strategies for learning mode design

Establish the parameters of learning mode design based on desired learning outcomes

Devise learning mode design plans

Synthesise research on emerging learning mode applications

Evaluate learning mode storyboarding concepts

Manage overall learning mode design processes

Evaluate learning mode prototypes

Guide the integration of multiple learning modes

Determine gap and opportunity areas for learning mode application

Drive improvements to learning mode analysis, design and integration processes