Learning Experience Delivery

Drive learning delivery activities to facilitate learning experiences, knowledge transfer and skills application



Competency Area

Learning Delivery


Implement Learning Experience methodologies outlined

Ability to apply methods of analysing outcomes of learner profile and learning needs

Deploy the most appropriate types of learning modes

Use the instructional methods appropriately

Use types of learning activities, solutions and technology tools

Able to identify the characteristics of active learning and improvise given methods

Can deploy techniques for managing group dynamics

Is adept at online, face-to-face, verbal and non-verbal facilitation techniques and communication techniques

Facilitate learning experiences aligned to learners

Prepare conducive learning environment in accordance with relevant safety and organisational requirements

Adapt lesson plans to align with learner needs, profiles and active learning qualities

Identify appropriate learning modes, instructional methods, and technology tools

Conduct contextualised learning experience activities to help learners achieve learning outcomes

Deploy facilitation, questioning and communication techniques to engage learners

Manage challenges and group dynamics to help learners achieve learning outcomes

Provide feedback and support to learners pertaining to learning content

Adjust lesson plans in response to learners’ progress and evolving needs

Manage creation and delivery of learning experiences

Define characteristics of conducive learning environments

Develop strategies to be used to create bespoke learning environments

Develop processes and criteria for lesson plan adaptation

Develop processes to guide delivery of contextualised learning experience activities

Determine implications of emerging trends and developments in facilitation and learner engagement techniques

Develop processes to support learner development

Evaluate opportunities to integrate strategies which promote learning retention and application