Contract Management

Formalise contracts and/or service level agreements with providers of products and services including measure and manage supplier performance and fulfilment of agreed-upon service level agreements. This includes resolution of contractual issues and maintenance of vendor and/or provider relationships



Competency Area

Stakeholder and Contract Management


Prepare drafts of contracts and agreements and resolve minor contractual issues

Prepare drafts of contracts and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) providing relevant and accurate information and clauses

Monitor activities and performance of vendors against contract terms and identify performance problems or contractual issues

Inform service providers of implications of identified contractual issues

Resolve minor contractual or performance issues on an operational level

Escalate complex or significant contractual issues if they cannot be solved on an operational level

Document changes and updates to contracts and agreements

Maintain communications with vendors and providers on a day-to-day basis

Review contracts and agreements and manage performance levels

Develop contracts or Service Level Agreements with providers, based on the unique business requirements

Analyse service delivery and performance levels in line with key performance indicators, and provide performance feedback

Evaluate the impact of contractual issues and problems on the organisation to determine if a major contractual breach has occurred

Manage vendors or service providers performance against standards or benchmarks, and recommend subsequent terms of engagement or termination

Investigate complex contractual issues or conflicts and recommend solutions to resolve them

Assess need for and justify changes or modifications to contracts and agreements

Manage endorsed changes or modifications to contracts

Sustain smooth interactions and relationships with vendors or providers based on shared objectives and mutual gain

Manage business viability of contracts

Assess contract terms and determine business viability and potential business value

Sign off on contracts or Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with providers

Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on organisation's strategy and expectations, to measure service delivery and performance of vendors

Resolve significant, escalated contractual issues or breaches, in line with organisation interests and legal standards /and rights

Evaluate overall performance of vendors to review and endorse decisions on future contract renewal, changes or termination

Review justifications and anticipate potential implications of contract changes

Negotiate with services providers on the scope of changes to contracts /or service level agreements (SLAs) and endorse contract modifications which are beneficial to the company

Maintain positive relationships with suppliers based on trust and mutual understanding