Service Level Management

Plan, monitor and manage service provisions for the achievement of agreed service level targets



Competency Area

Stakeholder and Contract Management


Formulate directions and strategies to maximise organisation's potential

Monitor service delivery performance metrics

Interpret customer satisfaction data and information according to defined performance metrics

Assess gaps in service delivery against agreed service levels and performance metrics Prepare service reports on performance and breaches of SLAs

Identify issues in service delivery or potential breaches of SLA

Resolve issues or breaches of SLAs as per guidelines

Provide support on service delivery and SLA maintenance to key stakeholders

Suggest actions for service recovery or improvement of service levels

Drive alignment between organisational strategies and vision, mission and values

Develop operational plans to deliver on requirements of SLAs

Evaluate service delivery performance against agreed SLA requirements

Analyse customer satisfaction data and information in relation to service delivery

Evaluate service performance metrics to proactively identify potential issues or breaches of SLAs

Communicate potential or actual breaches to key stakeholders

Investigate issues in service delivery

Assess service achievements to support preparation for service reviews

Implement actions for service recovery or improvement of service levels

Negotiate SLAs

Negotiate service level requirements and manage contracts

Develop relationships with service providers and customers

Spearhead implementation of service management framework

Establish measures and controls to achieve desired service levels

Create processes and procedures to enable the regular monitoring of service performance

Lead service recovery initiatives and engagements with key stakeholders

Devise roadmaps for process improvement to enhance service levels

Conduct service reviews with service providers and customers

Evaluate QoS and SLAs and propose changes to services or service levels in alignment with the organisation’s SLA strategy

Harmonise alignment of SLA with all concerned

Lead formulation of service level requirements in line with business and technical requirements

Harmonise alignment of SLAs to organisational objectives

Anticipate impact of trends and regulations on SLAs

Build strategic networks and partnerships with critical stakeholders, service providers and customers

Establish service management framework for the organisation

Drive organisational excellence in service delivery and service level management

Oversee implementation and design of organisational policies and processes to ensure service continuity

Design organisational service recovery framework and policies