Research and Information Synthesis

Identify, source and interpret information from various sources to obtain deep understanding of specific field or area to identify patterns, uncover insights, integrate findings into recommendations and/or guide decision-making



Competency Area

Investment and Financial Management


Conduct basic inofrmation search

Determine research objectives to guide search terminology

Identify possible sources of information

Perform basic research by extracting relevant information from search databases

Highlight information and/or information sources relevant to defined research objectives

Identify appropriate research methods and analysis

Identify appropriate research methods and analysis approaches for research objectives as part of defining research plans

Utilise variety of information sources and databases to gather data

Organise information into logical categories for analyses

Identify relationships across information

Creata basic hypothesis and for research questions

Determine and form research questions and research objectives based on business objectives

Review preliminary research and arguments formed

Make judgements based on inferred relationships across information sources

Evaluate advantages, disadvantages and relevance of information

Develop research strategy in line with organisational priorities and strategies

Articulate overall research strategies as guidelines

Define research information records and information arrangement

Review research findings for accuracy, credibility and validity

Apply and contextualise research insights to decision-making scenarios

Ensure research findings and synthesised