Learning Research Data Analysis

Analyse research data, interpret results generated and link them to the research question or related findings in scientific literature to derive new insights



Competency Area

Learning Analytics and Data Management


Conduct initial research

Prepare data for analysis

Summarise and visualise data

Apply appropriate statistical and analytics techniques to analyse quantitative and qualitative data

Interpret obtained results

Identify relevance of findings with respect to research hypotheses / questions

Articulate implications of research findings, and how it adds to current knowledge, in relevant areas of the professional field of research

Identify the links between results from different research studies

Identify next steps to further investigate areas of interest based on obtained results

Discover insights in line with defined research objectives

Determine how data should be prepared to facilitate intended analysis

Guide data preparation

Guide summarisation and visualisation of data

Guide analyses of quantitative and qualitative data

Guide interpretation of obtained results

Review analyses and interpretations of the data to ensure credibility

Define research strategies

Identify opportunities for synergies in data analyses across research studies in the organisation

Provide the main thrust for analysis of the research

Evaluate the adequacy of obtained results in answering the study’s research hypotheses or research questions

Integrate the various interpretations of the findings

Develop strategic plans to further investigate areas of interest based on the results