Regulatory Compliance

Develop, enforce, implement and practice regulatory compliance activities to ensure compliance to legislative and regulatory requirements



Competency Area

Risk Management, Governance and Regulatory Compliance


Self monitor regulatory compliances in own work area

Identify legislative and regulatory requirements relevant to the organisation and personal areas of work

Identify and apply internal compliance procedures to ensure own work is in compliance with standards

Communicate key legislative and regulatory requirements and related management systems to relevant stakeholders to facilitate legislative compliance

Conduct self-monitoring of regulatory compliance activities

Implement corrective actions and internal controls to close compliance gaps and address compliance risk exposure

Highlight possible non- compliance activities to facilitate organisational regulatory compliance efforts

Ensure monitoring and reporting of non- compliance events

Analyse information on relevant compliance requirements that regulate the business units

Interpret relevant legislation and regulations, legal documents, standards and codes of practice relevant to the business units and their implications

Identify common compliance vulnerabilities, compliance risks and impact to the organisation

Develop detailed operational plans and procedures for compliance programmes

Monitor and review operational plans and procedures for compliance

Implement compliance procedures and controls

Formulate recommendations for addressing areas of non-compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

Propose changes and adaptations to operational procedures to reflect changing regulations

Manage and mainatin compliance policies in tune with changing requirements

Evaluate compliance programme suitability for organisation

Propose appropriate compliance programmes and/or management systems in consultation with relevant stakeholders

Identify non-compliance based on relevant legislative and regulatory requirements

Determine appropriate responses to address non-compliance within scope of relevant legislative and regulatory requirements

Oversee development of compliance controls to mitigate compliance risk exposure of organisation

Maintain compliance frameworks, policies and procedures to reflect changing regulatory requirements and organisational compliance strategies