Quality Assurance

Apply quality standards to review performance through the planning and conduct of quality assurance audits to ensure that quality expectations are upheld. This includes the analysis of quality audit results and setting of follow-up actions to improve or enhance the quality of products, services or processes



Competency Area

Development and Implementation


Ensure compliance

Apply quality standards to review performance of software or hardware product or service components

Monitor day to day activities are in accordance to the requirements of the quality management plan

Conduct QA audits based on a set plan

Consolidate QA audit results and identify lapses or discrepancies

Identify performance levels given existing quality assurance processes and areas for improvement

Communicate changes or enhancements to QA processes or standards

Establish and monitor compliance

Implement quality performance guidelines, procedures and processes in the quality management plan, ensuring organisation- wide understanding

Manage QA audits in the organisation

Clarify uncertainties or queries on the QA audit results

Analyse QA audit results and prioritise critical areas for further review and improvement

Recommend changes to organisation processes, to sustain or improve quality of products or services

Review the effectiveness of quality assurance processes

Propose improvements or changes to quality standards

Design and adapt to changing regulatory environment

Establish quality benchmark standards based on alignment with external requirements, industry practices and internal business priorities

Evaluate best practices against regular review of QA audit result

Develop organisation wide protocols and processes for QA audits, taking into account implications of emerging technological developments and external trends

Resolve complex or significant disputes or disagreements on QA audit results and matters

Review proposed future plans for improvements

Spearhead enhancements to quality management plan, including quality performance guidelines, procedures and processes