Qualitative Analysis

Formulate research questions and hypotheses, identify qualitative data sources for analysis of securities and provide investment recommendations based on analysis



Competency Area

Investment and Financial Management


Identify relevant laws, regulations and practices

Craft relevant research questions and hypotheses

Identify and select appropriate qualitative data sources

Determine and extract relevant qualitative data for investment purposes from sources selected

Analyse securities to determine investment viability against organisation criteria

Identify and interpret legal and regulatory knowledge and best practices

Propose investment recommendations based on the analysis performed

Assess information collected and determine its accuracy and validity

Assess appropriateness of research questions, hypotheses and data sources selected

Review and provide additional insights for qualitative analysis before reporting findings

Facilitate decision making and engage with regulatory or legal bodies

Establish criteria of evaluation for analysing investment viability from qualitative data

Evaluate analysis conducted to finalise investment recommendations

Establish guiding strategies to identifying relevant qualitative data sources

Develop policies to improve qualitative analysis methods and investment performance

Define qualitative analysis techniques