Proposal Management

Research, strategise and draft business proposals to respond to business opportunities



Competency Area

Business Development and Strategy Management


Conduct quality assurance (QA) audits and consolidate results and identify lapses and discrepancies

Identify proposal objectives based on understanding of customer needs

Gather and collate information to support proposal development

Draft proposal in accordance with proposal outline

Refine proposal in consultation with relevant stakeholders

Implement quality performance guidelines and review the effectiveness of Quality Assurance (QA) processes

Identify necessary information and sources of information

Analyse market potential for business opportunities

Conduct customer needs analysis to determine market demand

Evaluate business opportunities to assess viable options

Draft and refine proposal to capitalise on viable business opportunities

Establish and implement quality benchmark standards

Formulate business pursuits based on the organisation’s capabilities

Prioritise market segments for identifying business opportunities

Ensure business pursuits are in accordance with overall organisational strategies

Ensure information in proposal responses is clear, comprehensive and relevant to customers’ tender criteria and needs