Project Feasibility Assessment

Assess the business environment and organisational capabilities to evaluate and determine the feasibility of a project



Competency Area

Business and Project Management


Formulate research questions to perform analysis of securities

Assess the business environment to determine potential challenges faced

Assess organisational capabilities to assist in project feasibility determination

Prepare financial projections to facilitate project feasibility assessment

Report findings to relevant stakeholders in accordance with organisational procedures to ensure stakeholders are updated and consulted

Seek feedback from direct report to review project feasibility assessment and identify areas for improvement

Verify and assess analysis performed to provide suitable investment recommendations

Evaluate the business environment to determine potential challenges faced

Evaluate organisational capabilities for project feasibility determination

Report findings to relevant stakeholders

Propose project initiation decisions with supporting rationale

Evaluate alignment of project with organisational objectives to determine project feasibility

Assess feasibility of carrying out project based on organisational capabilities to determine project feasibility

Recommend authorisation of projects in accordance with feasibility assessment results to support organisational objectives

Seek inputs from direct reporting officer to add value to the project feasibility assessment findings and recommendations

Guide qualitative analysis methods strategy and finalise investment recommendations

Create templates/ standardised policies for Project Assessments

Train/Evangelise critical cultural mistakes that take place in Project assessments

Communicate with adequate dexterity in ensuring project risks are correctly communicated and decisions take accordingly