Programming and Coding

Develop technical capabilities to understand, design and write instructions to be processed by computers as software programmes to achieve desired outcomes



Competency Area

Data Analytics and Information Technology Management


Write codes

Analyse and translate business requirements of software into multiple functions

Write programmes and codes that are aligned with business requirements

Assess the business environment and organisational capabilities and prepare financial projections, as well as report findings to relevant stakeholders

Conduct software projects feasibility studies

Evaluate and determine feasibility of projects for the organisation, recommend the authorisation of projects and evaluate business environment, cost and organisation capabilities to determine project feasibility

Gather and interpret business requirements of software through business use cases

Review and propose overall coding best practices to guide individuals in executing coding

Evaluate growth path of Client Maturity

Understands the client strategy (near-term) and is able to predict the development of client needs

Able to predict requirements as the client needs develop and get more sophisticated.

Understand the client- maturity status and draw from own experience of previous engagements and prepare for next wave