Product Management

Create and manage a product roadmap, involving the ideating, planning, forecasting, marketing and management of a product or a suite of products throughout stages of its lifecycle, from its conceptualisation to market entrance and eventual phasing-out. This includes the creation of a new product idea or concept and definition of the product strategy based on a projection of its potential benefits to the customer as well as the review of product performance against milestones and targets set.



Competency Area

Business and Project Management


Implement project plans for small projects or project modules

Develop a product requirements document, according to a set direction and guidelines

Manage the lifecycle of a product, alongside the tracking of consumer response

Identify competitor, consumer and technology trends in relation to the product

Facilitate phase-in and phase-out of products to ensure smooth transition

Support sales and marketing activities for the product, in line with product strategy

Analyse trends in product performance

Propose improvements to the product or branding to enhance product performance

Manage medium scale projects by implementing appropriate methodologies and tools

Explore emerging market trends to identify new opportunities to capitalise on

Collaborate with other experts and innovators to conceptualise ideas

Specify a product to address market conditions, in providing direction on the content of a product requirements document

Develop business model prototypes for a new product and assess suitability of different models

Develop incubation plan for a new product or idea

Translate product strategy into a roadmap of actionable steps to bring the product to market

Manage a range or portfolio of products

Consolidate competitor, consumer and technology trends, and their impact on the product

Forecast future product performance and requirements

Recommend strategies to sustain or enhance product performance

Lead end-to-end management of complex projects or multiple projects concurrently.

Define product or idea incubation strategy taking into account technological and regulatory parameters, anticipated risks, costs and opportunities

Plan a seamless process from conceptualisation to roll-out of new products, considering legal viability and policy and regulatory constraints

Build new product ideas and concepts to address market conditions

Identify competitive advantage and target consumers for ideated product

Formulate effective business models for product

Anticipate future consumer, competitor and technological trends

Recommend investments in a product, based on forecasts and analysis of market demand

Set high level targets and milestones for the product

Prioritise product mix according to market demand and business priorities

Ensure all projects are in line and meet with business priorities

Chart new direction for product creation and development within or beyond an organisation

Lead the conceptualisation of new and innovative products to generate consumer interest and demand

Re-define the mission or vision of the organisation to align with key, defining products

Make critical investment decisions on the product

Envision how a product will evolve over time

Inspire new product trends and redefine thinking around ICT products in the industry

Anticipate technological and policy shifts, and their potential impact on the product