Process Improvement and Optimisation

Establish systems to discover critical processes and maximise these processes to achieve maximum efficiency in accordance with organisation procedures



Competency Area

Business and Project Management


Identify and Implement the adoption of process improvement and optimisation methods

Identify and propose opportunities for process improvement

Gather information on current workplace practices relating to environmentally sustainable work practices in consultation with relevant stakeholders

Determine root cause of performance gaps from the implementation of process improvement plans

Collaborate with stakeholders to validate findings

Identify improvements to implemented plans in consultation with relevant stakeholders.

Present ideas to relevant stakeholders for feedback to improve ideas and develop possible variations

Assist in pilot testing/ prototyping to determine effectiveness of process improvement concepts within a business unit

Analyse and develop, review of plans for process improvement and optimisation

Evaluate business function performance to identify and develop opportunities for process improvement

Develop plans for the implementation of improvements and optimisation of processes

Determine and deploy resources as required for enhancement of processes to be optimised

Conduct pilot testing/ prototyping to determine effectiveness of process improvement initiatives within a business unit

Review shortcomings and further refine processes

Devise strategies for the adoption of improvements and optimisation of processes

Research and evaluate existing information to review and evaluate needs and opportunities for process improvement within organisation

Devise transformational initiatives to streamline business operations

Establish systems to support process improvement within the organisation to achieve business optimisation goals

Initiate company-wide reformation of processes to improve productivity

Review pilot testing/ prototyping results to determine feasibility of process improvement concepts across the organisation.

Filter and select suitable process improvement concepts and translate to organisational levels