Portfolio and Investment Risk Management

Manage relevant risks arising from investment and portfolio management activities to ensure compliance to regulations, investment guidelines and enabling investment objectives to be achieved



Competency Area

Risk Management, Governance and Regulatory Compliance


Identify and analyse various risks, risk trends and volatilities mitigate risks

Identify various types of risks related to investment and portfolio management

Implement defined risk management processes for monitoring and mitigating risks related to investement and portfolio

Develop and implement volatility mitigation plans

Develop control systems and compliance tools

Drive portfolio risk analytics activities for identifying risks based on data sets

Analyse investments and portfolios to identify risks

Determine appropriate risk mitigating actions based on identified risks

Ensure effecttiveness of risk management policies

Develop framework for portfolio and investment risk measurement and management

Ensure periodic audit of risk management processes for relevance and adherence to current laws and regulations

Develop and ensure effectiveness of policies and procedures for managing investment and portfolio risks to ensure adherence to investment guidelines and effective achievement of investment objectives