Organisational Diagnosis

Analyse organisational state and climate to diagnose issues and identify ways to optimise organisation effectiveness



Competency Area

Human Resource Planning


Conduct assessments and analyses in support of organisational diagnosis

Collect data required to conduct organisational assessments

Conduct descriptive, current state and other types of simple organisational assessment analyses

Collate findings of organisational assessment analyses

Identify organisational issues from organisational analysis and assessment results

Develop communication materials to share organisational assessment results and findings with stakeholders

Diagnose organisational issues to identify opportunities for change

Determine the scopes of organisational diagnosis

Develop tools and methodologies to conduct organisational diagnosis

Determine measures to evaluate organisational effectiveness from assessment findings

Perform predictive, future state and other types of complex organisational assessment analyses

Perform organisational diagnosis based on analyses of information gathered

Review organisational assessment findings to evaluate organisational effectiveness

Propose organisation development and change interventions

Formulate corrective strategies to address diagnosed issues and improve organisational effectiveness

Determine the need for organisational diagnosis

Determine the selection of critical measures to be used in organisational assessments

Diagnose the states of organisational talent and its ability to support future business needs

Derive business insights and implications from organisational diagnosis findings

Present organisational effectiveness findings and recommendations to senior stakeholders

Select organisation development and change interventions to improve organisation effectiveness

Consult relevant stakeholders on proposed organisation development and change interventions

Drive the implementation of organisation development and change interventions with relevant stakeholders