Operational Excellence

Analyse the effectiveness of human resource (HR) operations, processes and initiatives, and recommend improvement actions



Competency Area

General Management


Develop plans to evaluate human resource (HR) operational excellence

Review strategies and plans to prioritise areas for measurement

Determine criteria to measure operations effectiveness

Formulate plans to implement operations effectiveness assessments

Monitor evaluation and assessment processes

Recommend amendments to enhance the processes, measures or tools used to evaluate operational effectiveness

Oversee alignment of effectiveness assessments with internal and external standards of excellence

Derive insights from the data analyses and trends to identify operational gaps

Drive actions to enhance and improve HR effectiveness

Determine the objectives and scopes for evaluating effectiveness of operations and programmes

Identify external standards of operational excellence and best practices

Review analyses and insights on effectiveness

Present key findings of operations effectiveness evaluations and business implications to stakeholders

Recommend enhancements to improve effectiveness

Devise strategies for the adoption of improvements and optimisation of processes

Research and evaluate existing information to review and evaluate needs and opportunities for process improvement within organisation

Devise transformational initiatives to streamline business operations

Establish systems to support process improvement within the organisation to achieve business optimisation goals

Initiate company-wide reformation of processes to improve productivity

Review pilot testing/ prototyping results to determine feasibility of process improvement concepts across the organisation.

Filter and select suitable process improvement concepts and translate to organisational levels