Infrastructure Design

Establish design policies and principles covering elements of connectivity, capacity, security, access, interfacing as well as the translation of that into the specifications, outline and design of IT infrastructure within the organisation, in order to support the business requirements



Competency Area

Design and Architecture


Create opportunities to enhance innovation capabilities

Assist as part of a design team to specify and outline parts of larger infrastructure components and systems

Translate a broader infrastructure design or blueprint into technical specifications and details

Apply well-defined design policy guidelines and parameters to draft design specifications of infrastructure components that address usage, performance and security requirements

Produce new and innovative prototypes for simple infrastructure components

Refine design specifications and prototypes based on inputs from internal / external stakeholders

Establish systems to support innovation within the organisation

Analyse organisation requirements to determine the infrastructure parameters and policies needed to support them

Assess various infrastructure models and deployment options for suitability to business operating context

Define various key components and features of the IT infrastructure, based on customer and compatibility requirements

Outline overall architectures, topologies, databases and design documentation of IT infrastructure

Deliver technical and conceptual visualisation of infrastructure components for approval by stakeholders

Develop prototypes or blueprints of complex / large infrastructure components

Evaluate infrastructure designs and the likely performance based on expected business needs, usage and traffic volume

Foster a culture of innovation in the organisation to encourage continuous improvement

Project current and future infrastructure requirements based on business direction and priorities

Establish IT infrastructure design policies and principles, in alignment with business needs

Evaluate a range of existing, new and emerging infrastructure models and deployment options

Articulate business impact of design options for critical infrastructure components and manage the associated implications and risks

Create culture of experimentation and innovation in infrastructure prototype development

Define hypotheses to guide the experimental design of an effective enterprise infrastructure

Review IT infrastructure designs to ensure they balance functional, security and service quality requirements

Develop logical or conceptual infrastructure designs as a preface to physical blueprints

Approve IT infrastructure physical designs for implementation