Financial Statements Review

Review financial statements in accordance with applicable frameworks and regulatory requirements



Competency Area

Investment and Financial Management


Perform financial models, valuation models, financial statement analysis and valuation analysis

Check financial statements to validate accuracy

Calculate ratios for assessing entity’s financial position

Calculate ratios for assessing entity’s profitability

Review financial models, forecasts, and valuation analysis

Review the recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure of transactions and events within the financial statements

Prepare and interpret performance and position of an entity using financial statements

Align and check financial statement reviews with internal controls to mitigate financial reporting risks

Assess impact on client- owned business and personal wealth through financial statement analysis

Evaluate financial, forecast and valuation models for consistency and reasonableness

Evaluate whether financial statements have been prepared in accordance with applicable financial reporting frameworks and regulatory requirements

Evaluate the fair presentation of financial statements relative to the nature of the business, the operating environment, and the entity's ability to continue as an on-going concern

Evaluate the financial performance, position and adaptability based on financial statement

Assess valuation conclusions

Determine the assumptions to be applied based on value, valuation approaches and methods

Evaluate financial, forecast and valuation models for consistency and reasonableness

Review financial modelling analysis and techniques to ensure alignment to organisation’s strategic directions4