Financial Reporting

Prepare general-purpose financial statements and disclosure notes in accordance with applicable financial reporting framework



Competency Area

Financial and Transaction Management


Measure tangible non- current assets and depreciation

Update asset journals in the accounting systems

Ensure that list of assets in the system reflects the physical assets accurately

Ensure appropriate accounting treatment is made of all assets

Interpret financial transactions and financial statements

Generate basic statements of all business transactions from accounting system

Review and resolve discrepancies and variances of basic statements

Review and check basic statements to ensure accuracy

Prepare financial statements and disclosure notes using Financial Reporting Standards (FRS)

Generate monthly financial statements from the organisation’s data and accounting systems

Analyse and review financial statements to ensure accuracy

Review and resolve discrepancies and variances in financial statements

Articulate conclusions from financial statements

Analyse the financial performance and position of entities to develop suitable accounting policies to meet their reporting requirements

Prepare finance commentaries for various business stakeholders

Ensure applicable financial reporting frameworks are used

Review the accuracy of financial statements and approve them

Review finance commentaries as prepared for various business stakeholders

Present conclusions and recommendations to the organisation’s management and leadership team