Gender Equality

Understand, identify, and advocate for gender equality in development programmes, through the design and implementation of gender strategies.



Competency Area

Gender and Development


Understands gender equality

Understands the theoretical and practical characteristics and development impacts of gender equality

Describes key gender gaps identified in the World Development Report, 2012 (human capital, economic productivity, access to finance, empowerment)

Recognises the gender-differentiated impacts of major challenges (climate change, forced migration, pandemics, etc.)

Links gender equality to gender development

Links the characteristics of gender equality to broader strategies geared towards gender development (gender mainstreaming, gender analysis, gender sensitivity, gender budgeting etc.)

Recognises gender gaps across development programmes

Supports research on gender equality through the identification and procurement of gender-and sex-disaggregated data

Identifies gender concerns in development programmes

Identifies gender concerns in design and implementation of development programmes

Collects data on gender-based constraints in development programmes

Reviews existing progress towards gender equality (girl’s education, women’s market work, household, etc.)

Design’s gender strategies

Design’s gender strategies for sectors where gender-based constraints have been identified

Conducts constraints analysis to examine how gender inequalities affect development programmes

Established gender information management systems for collecting, processing, and distributing information on gender equality and development programmes

Advocates for gender equality in development programmes

Advocates for the adoption of gender-responsive budgeting and the integration of gender equality into all phases of development programmes, including the benefits of gender analysis and risks of overlooking gender disparities

Collaborates with national and global stakeholders to support evidence-based public action on gender equality

Identifies windows of opportunities for policy actions focused on closing gender gaps, promoting gender equality, and women’s empowerment