Emerging Technology Synthesis

Monitor, gather data and identify emerging technology trends, developments, products, services and techniques for integration. In addition, perform cost-benefit analysis and evaluation of their relevance, viability, sustainability and potential value add to the business.



Competency Area

Data Analytics and Information Technology Management


Conduct research on emerging technology to support the business

Explore relevance of technologies or IT processes in use and under development in other industry sectors

Conduct research on new technologies

Assess potential of emerging technologies to address challenges or enhance processes within the organisation

Evaluate new and emerging technology and trends

Determine the suitable sources and relevant sectors or industries to explore new technologies in detail

Monitor the market to keep abreast of new technologies that will impact the financial services industry

Evaluate emerging technologies against existing business needs and infrastructure

Review market research and validate the new technologies against the organisational needs

Provide recommendations with strong rationale for the outcome of the evaluation

Communicate with external partners to obtain and explore the suitability of emerging technologies

Manage exploration, evaluation and integration of new technologies

Lead the identification and evaluation of new and emerging technologies, techniques and models

Establish internal processes and guidelines to facilitate the research on and evaluation of new technologies

Establish organisational need and selection criteria for new technologies

Articulate business considerations and parameters relating to the adoption and integration of new technologies into the organisation’s current practices

Manage collaborations with external partners to gain access to and explore emerging technologies

Establish organisational culture to synthesise and leverage new technologies

Develop an emerging technology strategy and blueprint

Harness new technologies and trends in moulding business strategy

Decipher the impact of emerging technology on the industry

Establish organisational criteria for evaluating how emerging technologies can be of value and/or be integrated into the organisation’s current practices

Synthesise different emerging technologies and trends into initiatives or products that propel business growth

Establish alliances to facilitate emerging technology exploration across organisations

Build strategic partnerships with organisations and suppliers to optimise access to new and emerging technology

Create thought leadership around emerging technologies and their impact