Data Management

Prepare, structure and manage human resource (HR) data and information to assist in the analyses of business and HR issues



Competency Area

General Human Resource Management


Perform data maintenance, prepare requested human resource (HR) data and generate reports

Maintain data in HR systems according to policies and procedures

Clarify data request requirements and timelines to confirm need, nature and intended use of data

Perform queries on HR systems based on data request requirements

Generate reports from HR systems

Provide data to requesting party in a secure and confidential manner

Document the provision of data in accordance with relevant policies and procedures

Structure data to facilitate the analyses of human resource (HR) issues

Develop data flows in HR systems to support business needs

Implement checks on data maintenance activities

Resolve data availability or quality issues

Identify information required for analyses of HR issues

Verify that data is prepared according to guidelines and requirements

Update analyses in response to new or changing information

Present key findings and recommendations to key stakeholders

Develop data management processes aligned to organisational policies and requirements

Develop data management processes to standardise and maintain data definitions, sources and quality

Align data management processes with organisational and legislative requirements

Oversee data maintenance, preparation and management activities

Resolve issues of non- compliance with data management processes

Define the business issue requiring HR data analysis

Set objectives for data analyses

Propose methods and tools for managing, analysing and reporting data

Design data validation methodologies to verify reliability and validity of data

Evaluate the effectiveness of data management processes

Propose improvements to the data management processes