Data Governance-Learning

Develop and implement guidelines, laws, and regulations across the organisation for the handling of data at various stages in its lifecycle as well as the provision of advice on proper data handling and resolution of data breaches in a range of complex, ambiguous or multi-faceted contexts



Competency Area

Learning Analytics and Data Management


Implement guidelines, laws, statutes and regulations on appropriate handling of data

Roll out data guidelines, laws, statutes and regulations within the organisation

Develop detailed guides on how to appropriately handle data throughout its lifecycle

Communicate internal standards for information life-cycle management to employees

Obtain necessary approvals when gathering, handling, processing, storing and using data

Oversee transfer of data within the organisation

Monitor compliance with data policies, workflows and rules

Investigate data breaches

Establish organisation's S o Ps

Develop organisation practices for handling the lifecycle of data

Develop internal standards to guide data capture and validation, access, usage, masking, storage, archival, retention and disposal

Synthesise internal standards with best practices and external data governance standards

Initiate process and programmes to mitigate business risk of poor data quality and practices

Develop SoPs for Lifecycle

Develop organisation practices and standards for handling data throughout their lifecycle, resolve breaches, and oversee transfer of data between organisations

Clarify ethically questionable situations at various stages of the data or information life cycle

Oversee transfer of data between organisations governed by the same privacy laws

Anticipate legal implications of data handling processes

Resolve data breaches