Data Governance-IT

Develop, implement and practice guidelines, laws, and regulations across the organisation for the handling of data at various stages in its lifecycle as well as the provision of advice on proper data handling and resolution of data breaches



Competency Area

Data Analytics and Information Technology Management


Manage data policies

Identify relevant data guidelines, laws, statutes

Identify and select appropriate scenarios to practice and adhere to data usage,

Manage data management and data protection guidelines and policies across lifecycle

Monitor compliance with data policies

Roll out data guidelines, laws, statutes

Implement guidelines, laws, statutes and regulations on appropriate handling of data at various stages in their lifecycle

Identify and analyse breaches and threat levels

Manage data life cycle

Develop organisation practices for handling the lifecycle of data

Resolve breaches, and oversee transfer of data between organisations

Ensure business continuity

Establish data practices across larger organisation/s

Establish enterprise- wide policies and key

Establish policies for data security and usage

Facilitate industry consensus around data ethics, and provide expert advice on data transfer across geographies