Data Visualisation

Implement contemporary techniques, dynamic visual displays with illustrative and interactive graphics to present patterns, trends, analytical insights from data or new concepts in a strategic manner for the intended audience



Competency Area

Development and Implementation


Select appropriate visualisation techniques and develop dashboards

Select appropriate visualisation techniques and information displays to convey data and findings

Organise the presentation of data to reflect trends and correlations in a visually compelling way

Incorporate appropriate elements to create informative and dynamic data displays

Develop basic dashboards

Design data displays to present trends, incorporate new advanced visualisation techniques

Introduce new or emerging visualisation tools and techniques that are fit for purpose

Exercise judgement on the presentation of data to ensure that critical trends and findings are presented in the optimal way

Develop dashboards and scorecards incorporating advanced visualisation techniques and embedding analytics capabilities

Establish an effective data visualisation architecture, design adaptable displays

Establish an effective data presentation architecture to address critical business questions

Integrate latest developments in data visualisation tools, techniques and methodologies

Determine suitable data presentation delivery modes and mechanisms, tailored to key stakeholders' needs