Data Sharing

Assess the value of data to achieve a competitive advantage and business objectives



Competency Area

Governance and Compliance


Conduct stock-take of the organisation’s data assets

Identify data assets within the organisation

Determine what constitutes the organisation’s data asset

Define the organisation’s data taxonomy to categorise the data

Assess the value data assets to achieve organisational and business goals

Map out the stakeholders in the organisation’s value chain or ecosystem

Identify potential use cases for organisation's data assets based on value chain mapping

Undertake study of organisation’s stakeholders in its value chain or ecosystem

Able to determine principles of and approaches to data valuation

Able to list out the factors determining the final value of the data assets

Evaluate the net worth of the organisation’s data

Determine if data can be monetised by assessing its purpose, potential benefits and risks

Comply with legal and regulatory considerations during the data valuation processes

Enumerate potential risks associated with data monetisation

Able to undertake different types and methods to conduct due diligence checks on data service providers