Understand, develop and apply cybersecurity policies and procedures to ensure protection against cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities, and to respond to cybersecurity breaches



Competency Area

Data Analytics and Information Technology Management


Develop awareness on cybersecurity threats and risks

Identify potential risks and threats associated with cybersecurity, such as viruses, hacking, and identity theft

Protect personal and business information from cybersecurity threats

Follow cybersecurity policies and procedures in own area of work

Explain cybersecurity practices to customers and/or stakeholders

Take appropriate actions as required during cybersecurity breaches

Identify relevant channels in the organisation to report and initiate corrective actions

Develop appropriate cybersecurity procedures and practices

Assess and identify cybersecurity risks and threats using risk assessment techniques

Associate potential cybersecurity risks and threats with responsible areas across the business

Develop cybersecurity risk management and risk mitigation activities

Lead the implementation of activities according to cybersecurity risk strategies

Adhere to the organisation's policies and procedures to protect confidentiality and integrity of information

Identify and collaborate with relevant departments to report cybersecurity risks as well as initiate mitigation and corrective actions

Establish cybersecurity risk management strategies, policies and procedures

Determine the organisation’s cybersecurity risk management strategies and frameworks

Establish organisational policies and procedures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of information, as well as against cybersecurity threats

Ensure cybersecurity policies and procedures are implemented and adhered to

Ensure that cybersecurity policies and procedures are continuously improved and updated

Articulate the importance of compliance and cybersecurity measures across the organisation

Assess the organisation’s capabilities and strengths in cybersecurity risk management