Account Management

Manage, maintain and grow the sales and relationships with a specific customer or set of accounts. This includes in-depth customer engagement, relationship-building and provision of quality solutions and service to address customers' needs efficiently and generate revenue.



Competency Area

Customer Relationship and Stakeholder Management


Follow Standard Processes

Articulate advantages and disadvantages of the organisation's product or service offerings to customers

Share basic understanding of the organisation's products and services with customers

Conduct sales activities for assigned clients or accounts according to a defined sales plan

Sell a limited range of products and services to specific assigned customers, following a standard protocol

Execute day-to-day administrative activities for sales, including handling and management of sales contracts, systems, transactions, and documentation

Managing Customer Satisfaction

Utilise suitable communication platforms to engage with customers

Process feedback from customers on organisation's products and services

Interact effectively with customer and provide quality customer service

Manage customer satisfaction

Provide suitable product and service solutions to address customer needs

Drive sales and servicing activities for existing clients or accounts

Retain accountability for sales performance for one or a few small customer accounts

Develop plans for projected needs

Formulate an action plan to cater to various customer accounts

Establish existing and potential customer needs and expectations based on feedback

Customise a customer service plan to cater to specific needs of different customers and clients

Adapt proposed solutions as well as sales messages to suit the customer's business context needs

Devise strategies to broaden or deepen relationships with existing customers

Develop product and service solutions that will address current and future customer needs

Set up processes to measure and manage customer satisfaction in line with key performance indicators

Oversee sales performance of a set of customer accounts

Assess business impact of account management activities

Manage customer service strategy

Develop organisational objectives and key performance indicators in managing customer accounts

Establish a customer account management framework to evaluate and enhance customer satisfaction

Develop an organisational customer service strategy to engage, retain and grow customers

Oversee organisation- wide sales performance through all customer accounts

Lead management of the organisation's largest and most critical customer accounts

Establish long-term, strategic relationships with external partners

Review effectiveness of account management activities across customers, agencies and geographies