Business Operational Planning

Plan detailed team/department level activities aligning to the organisation's long term goals



Competency Area

Project Management


Gathers relevant information on daily operations

Drafts departmental goals, based on the organisation’s vision

Lists department (or team) needs, in terms of necessary resources required for the production process

Prepares tentative timelines of the operational plans (single-use, ongoing) and the results expected at each stage

Gathers information on skills, competencies, and experience of each employee required

Categorises pre-plan procedures and documentation

Develops the scope of work and identify stakeholders based on departmental goals

Identifies the resource planning needed for each step in the operating process (supplies, equipment, costs, etc.)

Classifies individual specific tasks and the respective timeline for achieving the milestones (3 months/ 6 months/12 months)

Allocated the roles and responsibilities to team members based on their expertise in work reports

Develop operational strategies

Incorporates tools and software (past project guides, project management software) to track the metrics set in the goals and team’s progress in meeting them.

Designs operating process detailing the individual specific task and resource requirements

Proposes specific timelines and milestones of subsections of the department (Hiring, Production, Market and Financial milestones)

Develops communications strategies for all levels of employment in the organisation (method of communication, feedback mechanism, dispute resolution, whistleblower strategies, etc.)

Monitors progress in operational planning

Prioritises high-frequency checks on the task progress to track gaps/discrepancies

Conducts an assessment of available resources (staff, budget, systems) including the organisation’s Service Delivery Statement for the allocated budget

Analyses the success in milestone accomplishment using business planning tools and software (management plan worksheet, Gantt Charts, PERT, ProjectManager, etc.)

Motivates team members by offering them incentives (bonus, pay raise, gift card, recognition awards, etc.) if they meet critical milestones

Leads operational strategies in complex situations

Predicts and provides contingencies for potential fallbacks in meeting organisational goal settings

Resolves conflicts in the operating process through alternative operative contingency processes

Cultivates a culture of realistic timelines and milestones while aligning with strategic plans

Administers work reports throughout the project to continuously analyse team performance and improvise human resource allocation strategies