Technical Analysis-Financial Securities

Apply and establish trading opportunities by using quantitative analysis generated from price and volume changes to determine decisions



Competency Area

Investment and Financial Management


Analyse historical market data, apply model and trading rules

Examine technical analysis results to achieve profitable trades with financial instruments

Disseminate technical analysis findings to relevant investors and traders

Check assumptions built into technical analysis

Analyse common chart patterns to help use historical information to predict future outcomes

Align model and trading rules on price and volume changes

Propose full range of technical analysis techniques for different securities and markets

Set up frameworks for application of technical analysis to different securities and markets

Evaluate assumptions and outcomes used in technical analysis

Articulate technical analysis results to relevant stakeholders

Evaluate chart patterns, direction of prices and market trends to profitably trade financial instruments

Develop technical indicators and assumptions to improve decision making capabilities

Establish model and trading rules for the organisation using market and industry indicators

Define technical analysis techniques

Monitor frameworks for technical analysis and review effectiveness of policies and procedures

Drive changes to technical analysis approaches

Operationalise technical analysis processes

Evaluate balanced technical analysis approaches with risk thresholds