IT Quality Standards

Develop, review and communicate a clear, quality expectations and standards within an organisation that are aligned to the company's values and business objectives. This encompasses the setting and implementation of quality expectations for IT products and services delivered to both internal or external clients



Competency Area

IT Governance and Compliance


Assess existing quality standards and align processes and activities

Review current practices of performing IT-related activities against the organisation's desired standards and guidelines

Evaluate relevance of global industry standards to the organisation’s internal standards

Analyse gaps between current practices and user and business IT requirements

Propose revisions to IT service standards and protocols based on new directions, so as to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of IT service delivery

Determine impact of new protocols and procedures on IT protocols

Maintain policy updates and revisions to operating procedures

Conduct periodic checks to ensure that day to day IT activities and processes are conducted in line with internal best practices

Establish and control quality expectations

Articulate guidelines for the organisation to carry out IT-related activities in alignment with service and quality standards

Make informed decisions on the applicability of global industry standards to the company's context

Determine new IT practices based on refinements to organisation's service standards

Review revisions to practices and service protocols for IT activities

Define content for materials, handbooks and manuals as well as key messages for stakeholders, in capturing updates to IT standards

Recommend new policies to regulate updates of operating procedures to users

Review organisation’s quality guidelines

Evaluate impact of evolving market trends on service expectations

Inspire enhancements and redefine IT standards in consideration of emerging industry trends and requirements

Approve new policies and policy updates to align IT processes with the organisation's desired standards and priorities