Stakeholder Management- Contracts

Manage stakeholder expectations and needs by aligning those with requirements and objectives of the organisation. This involves planning of actions to effectively communicate with, negotiate with and influence stakeholders



Competency Area

Stakeholder and Contract Management


Identify key stakeholder relationships, needs and coordinate on a day- to-day basis

Identify key stakeholders and the organisation's relationship with them

Identify stakeholder needs, positions and interests

Coordinate basic activities /and processes with stakeholders on a day-to-day basis

Apply knowledge of the cranialisation's position to respond to simple queries from stakeholders

Serve as the organisation's main contact point for stakeholder communications

Conduct stakeholder mapping to identify facets and nature of relationships with and between stakeholders

Manage stakeholders' expectations and needs, based on the organisation's position and resources

Articulate each stakeholder's role and responsibilities

Serve as the organisation's main

Develop a stakeholder engagement plan

Analyse the complexities of stakeholder relationships and determine their level of interest, power and impact on the organisation

Examine stakeholder positions, agendas and priorities which may be explicitly articulated or unspoken

Develop a stakeholder engagement plan to guide communications with different groups of stakeholders

Set clear parameters and expectations of stakeholders' roles and responsibilities

Negotiate with stakeholders to align interests or goals and arrive at mutually- beneficial arrangements

Investigate problems or issues encountered in stakeholder relationships

Review feedback from stakeholders and affected parties, and recommend improvements to stakeholder management strategy

Lead critical discussions and negotiations, addressing escalated issues or problems

Prioritise stakeholder relationships based on in-depth analysis and the organisation's strategic objectives and direction

Develop a strategic stakeholder management roadmap, aligned to the organisation's vision

Lead discussions and negotiations to influence key stakeholder decisions

Address escalated issues raised by or encountered with stakeholders

Establish the overall vision for the alignment of organisation's and stakeholders' objectives

Establish the overall vision for how the organisation's and stakeholders' objectives can be shared or aligned

Anticipate changes in stakeholders' needs, demands, priorities and expectations

Optimise alignment of stakeholder management strategy with organisational goals

Lead strategic negotiations, discussions and engagement initiatives with key leaders and senior stakeholders

Represent the organisation to resolve major escalated issues involving critical stakeholders

Deepen relationships with critical senior stakeholders on an ongoing basis

Co-create shared goals, objectives and vision with senior leaders and stakeholders