Product/Service Quality Assurance

Develop, implement and monitor practice of clear quality expectations and standards aligned to the organisation's values and business objectives



Competency Area

Product, Sales and Market Management


Adhere to quality standards and identify quality gaps

Identify relevant quality assurance standards

Implement quality assurance practices in day-to-day tasks

Monitor quality performance levels based on quality assurance guidelines

Conduct random quality checks and document results to measure quality performance levels

Identify lapses in self- quality performance levels

Determine and/or seek guidance on how to realign quality standards for performance

Develop quality management plans to align processes and activities with quality expectations

Develop quality management plans and quality audit approaches based on defined parameters

Set quality assurance benchmarks and standards

Communicate expectations for product and service quality

Facilitate the translation of quality requirements for different business functions to specific action plans or changes in business processes

Monitor processes and activities to ensure that relevant business units abide by the quality standards set

Implement and oversee quality checks and quality audits for measurement of quality levels

Assess existing quality practices and highlight any discrepancies or misalignments

Analyse and prioritise quality gaps to address

Identify corrective actions to improve quality levels based on quality gaps identified

Establish and manage quality assurance strategies and quality monitoring mechanisms

Develop quality assurance frameworks and strategies to control quality standards in line with organisation's directions and regulatory requirements

Determine quality monitoring parameters and frameworks

Analyse lapses or misalignment in organisation's quality practices and propose possible ideas for improvements

Develop updated or revised quality expectations, based on management's strategic direction as well as requirements of different functions

Specify quality requirements based on selected benchmarks and best practices

Develop interventions and guidelines for corrective actions to manage quality lapses

Communicate quality assurance awareness and/or updates

Drive implementation of quality practices and procedures throughout the organisation