User Interface Design

Design user interfaces for machines and software, incorporating visual, technical and functional elements that facilitate ease of access, understanding and usage. This would involve adding, removing, modifying or enhancing elements to make the user's interaction with the product as seamless as possible



Competency Area

Design and Architecture


Document functionalities

Assemble a list of functionalities and needs required

Identify information flows

Develop components of user interface prototypes

Design graphic user interfaces (GUIs), according to clear guidelines and specifications

Evaluate the effectiveness of user interface design according to the metrics set

Document changes or updates to software and/or applications' user interface design

Craft information content and materials for the product user guide

Determine features, develop prototypes

Determine features and functionalities, considering resource costs, feasibility and trade offs

Develop information architecture and process flow of the application, in relation to the user

Develop a prototype of the user interface based on established requirements

Design graphical user interfaces of moderate complexity for IT products and/or applications according to endorsed specifications from the prototype, including elements that allow ease of access and usage

Assess findings from usability tests and/or inspections, and make relevant refinements to the product's user interface

Enhance user guides to effectively implement new and/or revised user interface

Predict emerging interfaces based on other client experiences

Translate emerging consumer and technology trends into implications for user interface requirements

Direct processes to develop user interface prototypes

Endorse specifications in the user interface prototypes developed, ensuring alignment with business and user requirements

Design complex graphical user interfaces, providing customisation where required

Establish key metrics for usability tests to assess viability and effectiveness of user interfaces

Endorse revisions or enhancements to user interfaces designs

Oversee roll out of new or revised user interface

Justify aspects of the design