Systems Design

Design systems to meet specified business and user requirements that are compatible with established system architectures, as well as organisational and performance standards



Competency Area

Design and Architecture


Identify functionalities & information flows, develop prototypes & GUI

Determine systems design specification for the development of system components and modules

Develop blueprints of data flows within the organisation and requirements for data input, output, processing and storage

Design system components aligned to established architectures, and design standards

Define system interface requirements based on design characteristics

Identify functional specifications of software programs to address business and user needs of the system

Formulate system security technical specifications

Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of alternative design options

Design information architecture, process flow & user interface prototypes

Develop system architectures and system design characteristics

Evaluate advantages and disadvantages of architecture characteristics

Assess the design of system components, modules and interfaces

Evaluate the logic design to ensure alignment with data management framework, structures, processes and standards

Develop design principles to guide the definition and detailing of software blueprints

Determine system security requirements and respective secure technologies, functions or features

Review impact analyses on business-critical design options and trade-offs to determine risks

Direct development of user interfaces

Advise on system architecting, design principles and the selection of system design lifecycle models

Establish system design strategies

Ensure the system design is in alignment with data architecture, structure and management strategy

Anticipate future business and user requirements, and the implications on software design, features and capabilities

Evaluate system design blueprints to ensure data, software, and security requirements are accounted for in the design

Adopt predictive or adaptive approaches in system design

Ensure adherence to organisational policies, standards and strategies in system design