Strategic Planning

Develop organisational strategic plans and provide directions to the organisation



Competency Area

Business Management


Implement technology plans and supervise the use of technology to execute tasks

Set organisation's goals and directions in accordance to stakeholders’ requirements

Align current strategic plans with organisational goals

Communicate business objectives to security personnel and achieve common understanding

Review objectives regularly to ensure that targets can be met

Determine financial resources available to set project timelines and performance outcomes

Develop business plans

Review the practicality, feasibility and risks of new technologies

Identify organisational strategic needs to enhance overall performance

Set organisational strategies, directions, goals and targets

Facilitate the alignment of organisational strategies and targets with its vision, mission and values, in support of the achievement of organisational strategic goals

Review and refine organisational strategies and targets for endorsement purposes

Set and communicate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for business functions

Formulate technology strategies and design plans for implementation

Transform the organisation’s competitive position and by using technology

Synergise technology implementation and operational processes to achieve strategic objectives

Transform the organisation’ strategy