Stakeholder Management

Manage stakeholder expectations to ensure continuous levels of engagement by identifying and addressing needs, setting service standards and resolving issues in accordance with organisational procedures



Competency Area

Customer Relationship and Stakeholder Management


Map each stakeholder and their feedback

Execute feedback processes on practices and performance with relevant stakeholders using appropriate platforms and procedures

Document feedback from stakeholders, and highlight opinions and disagreements during interactions

Refine activities in stakeholder management plans in alignment with feedback received from stakeholders

Consider stakeholder interests in decision- making and operations to build trust

Escalate conflict situations to relevant senior team members

Maintain processes that allow for cultural sensitivity and managing conflicts

Implement communication plans to ensure that stakeholders are constantly kept informed

Build network among stakeholders to communicate organisation stand point

Determine specific interests, expectations and influence of stakeholders

Facilitate networking opportunities to build relationships

Engage relevant stakeholders to understand their project expectations and requirements

Develop plans for early engagement to allow time for buy-ins and consultations with stakeholders

Analyse and interpret collated feedback using appropriate analysis techniques

Address mismatched areas of expectation and refer to relevant project authorities for advice

Facilitate alignment of expectations between relevant stakeholders and project teams

Build relationships with relevant stakeholders throughout project and/or work lifecycles according to stakeholder management plans

Drive the relationship process and communication plans to ensure that stakeholders are constantly kept informed

Establsih organisation guidelines and stakholder roadmap

Establish organisation guidelines for stakeholder engagement and stakeholder management roadmap

Formulate proactive processes that prioritise stakeholder engagement and cultural sensitivity

Initiate early engagement to allow time for buy-ins and consultations with stakeholders

Develop communication strategies to build and maintain successful relationships with key strategic stakeholders

Establish key stakeholder relationship management audit processes and criteria

Collaborate with relevant senior stakeholders to ensure implementation of feedback processes

Review and approve stakeholder engagement procedures, in line with emerging trends and regulations

Address escalated issues and lead negotiations to influence key stakeholder decisions

Manage stakeholder communication

Determine an effective communication management plan

Develop and produce a business partner analysis

Lead stakeholder relations strategies to regularly engage all stakeholders connected with the organisation

Direct stakeholder relations and clear communications styles to support effective and positive engagement with all stakeholders

Spearhead engagement plans with strategic stakeholders

Endorse stakeholder engagement strategies and plans

Prioritise feedback processes for senior stakeholder evaluations

Prioritise stakeholder engagement procedures to achieve optimal outcomes

Apply market and industry knowledge to drive stakeholder engagements

Encourage stakeholder development strategies to ensure effectiveness for team members

Report on stakeholder management initiatives to relevant parties

Prioritise escalated issues to influence decision making processes