Health Promotion

Create, evaluate and communicate health promotion programs and strategies designed to enable people to increase control over and to improve, their health knowledge, attitudes, skills to reach a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being



Competency Area

Evidence-based Practice


Understands the role of health promotion in public health sector

Comprehends the three basic prerequisites to secure a foundation in health (advocate, enable and mediate)

Assists behavioural change for better health through health education and communication

Summarises differences in current health status and fullest health potential, and the learnings from past public health program successes

Categorises health promotion demand coordinated action by all concerned: by governments, local authorities, industry and the media

Conducts analysis using tools to evaluate health promotion programs

Determines how health beliefs and practices are influenced by historic, socio-cultural, economic, environmental, personal and policy factors

Conducts situational analysis of communication strategies such as behavioural change communication (BCC) and information, education and communication (IEC)

Incorporates different methodologies/tools involved for evaluating health promotion programs and strategies

Coordinates workshops, events and campaigns within a sub-sector in health promotion strategies

Designs health promotion programs and strategies

Applies key terms and concepts on determinants of health, health literacy, health in all policies (HiAP), ethics and policies in health promotion to assess public needs, and expectations

Formulates health promotion practice and education, with a special focus on using the innovative and attractive format

Designs strategies or programs to address social determinants of health

Partners with individuals and communities with different interests (personal, social, economic) from different sectors (public and private) to strengthen community action for health promotion (eg. funding support, etc.)

Promotes contribution to public health movement

Advocates for public health standards and processes based on global standards on health promotion (Ottawa Charter, WHO Alma Ata, etc.)

Administers awareness campaigns, teaching, training and capacity building activities pertaining to health promotion in India

Cultivates an “equal opportunity” culture to secure a foundation in a supportive environment, access to information and life skills

Resolves potential conflicts of interest between different players in mediating health promotion program or strategy