Project Planning

Identify, adapt, and streamline project deliverables by accounting for risks and planning for contingencies to help the team implement and close projects.



Competency Area

Project Management


Defines project plan

Ability to list key elements required to outline a project plan (activities, resources, timelines, deliverables, etc.)

Understands the importance of baseline deliverables (schedule, cost, and scope) for project planning

Aware of level and types of risk in the project plan (eg. scope risk, technical risk and schedule risk, among others)

Gathers information on project plan

Drafts the objectives by identifying the specific activities and resources required to com­plete the project

Collects information on tasks and sub-tasks performed within the project

Categorises project constraints and risks such as time, scope and costs in the project plan

Develops project plans

Develops a project plan to guide the team through the prospective implementation and closure phases of the project

Prepares work breakdown structure (using spreadsheets, flowcharts, Gantt charts, etc.) to provide quantifiable definitions (project targets, achievement goals, etc.) to those qualitative terms of performance (efficiency, productivity, etc.)

Develops change management plans to assess the internal and external factors that impact project’s time, cost and scope (triple constraint)

Presents project plans to stakeholders

Presents project plan to key stakeholders, with a focus on deliverables, milestones, and contingencies

Partners with the senior management to align the project plan with the organisation goals

Resolves project constraints by delivering mitigation solutions for long term planning processes