Project Integration

Identify, define, combine and coordinate different processes and activities with project management process groups.



Competency Area

Project Management


Gathers information on status-quo activities

Maintains a record of department-wise updates on numerous processes used in a project

Drafts an outline of the seven processes needed for project integration management (project charter, project integration management plan, project execution, project knowledge, change control and closure)

Demonstrates knowledge in the integration management process as per the latest Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)

Prepares internal documents on project integration

Defines the processes and activities within the project management process groups

Prepares layout for the charter and scope statement covering elements on project goals, timeframes, cost estimation, deliverables, and mentions stakeholders

Documents past project knowledge to produce the required deliverables (e.g. lessons learned register, project team assignments, resource breakdown structure, etc.)

Designs project integration management plan

Assembles the project deliverables, the estimated timeline, significant milestones, and other measurable benchmarks for evaluating the success

Designs the project management plan to consolidate other management plans, such as the scope management plans, etc. to guide, control and execute the project

Prepares knowledge bank to track resources and tasks moving parallel with these processes, and align with project objectives using task list, kanban or Gantt view, etc.

Evaluates the success of the plan

Negotiates resource allocation and trade-offs in defining priorities based on interdependencies in the project management knowledge areas

Evaluates the execution of the project plan through the Project Management Information System (PMIS)

Investigates the team performances using defined key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify risks, and document them as a knowledge resource

Administers the closing of the project plan

Resolves conflict to maintain harmonious relationships between the various departments and stakeholders involved in a project

Administers monitoring, reviewing and closing of the project execution activities (including change management) in accordance with the long-term strategic goals of the organisation

Ensures right integration of all project components through transparent communication within the project