Project After Action Review (AAR)

Plan, conduct and assess the lessons learned from past successes and setbacks around a particular project with the goal of improving future performance



Competency Area

Project Management


Understands the concept of AAR

Defines the scope of AARs ”“ definition, typologies and role in the spectrum of post-event learning

Lists four “learning culture” questions on purpose, results, causes and implications of the project

Summarises the three benefits (immediate, mid-term, long-term) from the AAR

Demonstrates knowledge of the structure/template of an AAR report

Determines the components for conducting an AAR

Distinguishes between AAR and other similar concepts such as post-mortem review, before-action, HOT WASHES, etc.

Determines the “learning culture” questions using the PDCA (Plan-Do-Study-Act ) cycle

Designs the outline of the AAR process (define objectives, selection of facilitator, type of AAR, participation tools, etc.)

Classifies information basis the elements which constitute the AAR report

Prepares the AAR report

Evaluates the time and resources needed to conduct the review (eg: informal debriefing, workshops, facilitator-led, etc.)

Coordinates internal meetings to determine the various elements of the PDCA cycle in AAR

Conducts AAR across the selected participants catering to four specific questions (What was intended?; What actually happened?; What went well, and why?; What can be improved, and how? )

Prepare the AAR report (project details, objectives, achievements, processes, lessons learnt, recommendations, etc.)

Promotes communication on AAR outcomes

Employs the review detailing the learning objectives, benchmark performance, actual performance, expected performance, desired outcomes, gaps in performance, etc.

Evaluates responses from the team members on the strengths, weaknesses and scope of improvement in project execution

Presents the summary of AAR, concluding remarks, reinforce plans and introduce the way ahead

Assesses the final AAR report based on the discussions undertaken during the AAR process

Leads in follow-up actions to the AAR

Cultivates a continuous learning culture within the organisation”“ and the desire to find and use best practices and innovative approaches.

Administers senior-level discussions on the outcomes and the next plan of action from the AAR

Publicises actionable recommendations indicating the issue to be addressed, the recommendation list and the implementation process

Institutes a follow-up mechanism(s) for the final report to prioritize and track implementation of recommendations