Project Resource Planning

Develop and assess project resource plans to ensure optimal resource utilisation.



Competency Area

Project Management


Understands the intent of project resource management

Understands the underlying intent of project resource management

Describes the types of project resources required for successful execution and completion of a project (people, capital, etc.)

Recognises the characteristics of a ‘resource’ and ‘resource plan’

Identify key components of a project resource plan

Defines project resource management through key concepts and elements (utilisation, resource plan, etc.)

Documents best practices for resource management (allocation, scheduling, leveling, etc.)

Identifies the key components and stages of a project resource plan (ascertain, procure, manage, etc.)

Supports project resource planning

Investigates project bottlenecks and overloads that can be addressed through resource management

Determines the required components for a resource management tool (timeline, customisation, gantt chart, etc.)

Supports project resource planning by listing resources, creating a resource breakdown structure, developing histograms etc.

Develops a project resource plan

Monitors resources across the project, with a focus on bottlenecks and overloads

Forecasts resource utilisation using resource management tools

Develops a project resource plan, keeping in mind timelines, constraints, and dependencies

Assess project resource plan

Streamlines processes for identifying and addressing bottlenecks, overloads, and dependencies in project resources

Promotes the usage of resource management tools in ensuring optimal resource utilisation

Assesses project resource plan to ensure all resources required for a project are obtained, accounted for, and utilised