Budget Analysis

Read, interpret, and evaluate budget documents to understand and evaluate the underlying intent of a budgetary policy.



Competency Area

Public Finance


Lists key budget documents

Comprehends the budgetary cycle in India, including its constitutional provisions under Article 112

Lists key budget documents at the central, state, and local level

Understands the institution specific budget form, terminology, and definitions of line items and columns

Aware of the official Union Budget website and the documents it contains

Describes the intent of budget documents

Identifies the various stages of the budgetary cycle in India (preparation and submission, approval, execution, and audit)

Describes the underlying intent and rationale for various budget documents

Supports preparation of institution specific budget documents through research

Discusses key Union Budget highlights, using documents from the official Union Budget website

Interprets budget documents

Classifies operational segments of the budget (budget proposals, approvals, etc.) into their relevant stage in the budgetary cycle

Compiles information from various budget documents to develop budget highlights and key features

Interprets institution specific budget documents, with a focus on what is included and excluded from line items

Navigates and locates relevant information on the official Union Budget

Analyses and evaluates budget documents

Monitors relevant central, state, and local budget documents across the budget cycle

Explains budget highlights and key features to relevant stakeholders

Analyses institution specific budget documents, keeping in mind evolving trends, challenges, and priorities

Evaluates similarities and differences between the union, state, and local budgets