Stakeholder Management

Effectively build, engage, sustain, and manage relationships with stakeholders to ensure successful outcomes for short-term and long-term objectives.



Competency Area

Strategic Planning


Understands stakeholder engagement

Aware of the benefits of stakeholder engagement, specifically towards the pursuit of short-term and long-term objectives

Recognises relevant internal and external stakeholders

Documents internal and external stakeholder positions on organisational, project, and/or departmental goals

Maps stakeholders to benefits and challenges

Understands how to map stakeholder benefits and challenges using stakeholder management tools (stakeholder mapping, stakeholder analysis, power-interest grid, etc.)

Engages with internal and external stakeholders who demonstrate an interest in supporting short-term and long-term objectives

Consults internal and external stakeholders on organisational, project, and/or departmental goals

Identifies different approaches to stakeholder engagement, including varied communication tools

Reviews stakeholder engagements

Evaluates stakeholder engagements to maximise positive interactions and mutually beneficial outcomes

Supports interactions and linkages across key stakeholders to impact short-term and long-term objectives

Demonstrates different approaches to stakeholder management by distinguishing power and interests amongst stakeholders

Prepares material to keep stakeholders updated in a timely and open manner

Customises stakeholders management approaches

Manages stakeholders by developing customised engagement strategies

Develops metrics to monitor stakeholder engagements

Recognises internal and external dynamics during interactions with key stakeholders

Utilises different approaches to stakeholder management, based on individual and team characteristics

Streamlines stakeholder management through communication and guidance

Reviews the engagement strategy and provides feedback

Communicates a shared vision with all stakeholders to drive effective change

Defines stakeholder rules and norms to ensure collaborative efforts are constructive

Guides the team on best practices for stakeholder engagement and management