Management of Public Organisations

Oversee management processes within the administrative system through the creation of an appropriate institutional framework for supporting, planning, implementing, and evaluating national plans to enable effective delivery of public services



Competency Area

Public Administration


Understands basic tools of managing public organisations

Understands the practices, tools, and techniques for managing public organisations

Identifies a structure for developing national plans for public service delivery

Lists key budget documents at the central, state, and local level to support planned priorities

Comprehends the implementation strategies to ensure that institutional priorities are aligned with the allocated budget for it

Demonstrates knowledge of metrics and indicators in monitoring the progress of public service delivery systems

Utilises management frameworks and methodologies

Defines institutional frameworks in public sector management (local, state, national, global, etc.)

Incorporates S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) indicators in the planning process

Prepares budgets with short/medium/long term horizons that are linked to fiscal targets

Interprets data processing, analysis, reporting, and dissemination methodologies in the implementation strategy

Formulates evaluation methodologies using indicators from planning and resulting information

Monitors progress and execution of management strategies

Proposes integration between various aspects of management ( productivity management, and management of human, financial and other resources)

Develops strategic national plans in accordance with metrics, definitions, and standards relevant for efficient service delivery

Prioritises financial management tracking, reporting, and dissemination methodologies for budget execution

Presents outline for stakeholder engagement using metrics data in various forms (graphical analysis, briefs, etc.)

Assists in evaluation of assessment results to achieve the desired goals of management strategies

Streamlines processes for public sector management

Advocates for integration of various aspects of management processes to align with national policy goals

Evaluates the success of plan targets to define final service delivery outputs

Conforms to the 'big picture' of government to deliver services and sustain the business of government.

Communicates implementation outcomes to stakeholders using and dissemination methodologies

Rationalises information from monitoring in improving policy, program, and project design and management