Policy Stakeholder Engagement

Identify, plan and involve community engagement to implement actions/policy designed to better serve the public while making efficient use of limited public resources.



Competency Area

Public Policy


Understands the basic components of stakeholder engagement

Identifies different types of stakeholders (individuals, groups, etc.)

Aware of five levels of stakeholder engagement (inform, consult, involve, collaborate and empower) (IAP2, 2007)

Documents the purpose and process of preparing stakeholder engagement plans

Recognises the importance of transparency in communication amongst stakeholders through feedback strategy, dispute resolution strategy, etc.

Recognises metrics for stakeholder engagement plan

Utilises tools and techniques to identify and analyse stakeholder interests

Determines the extent of participation of each stakeholder in the engagement process

Interprets the metrics of past stakeholder engagement plans

Incorporates qualitative research to understand stakeholder dynamics in communication, feedback and dispute resolution

Prepares stakeholder engagement plan

Conduct stakeholder analysis to classify types of engagement (desk research, surveys, interviews and stakeholder or interests mapping tools)

Negotiates the importance of the goals, time frames, resources, and levels of concern in government decisions to define participation levels

Presents a feasible and effective stakeholder engagement plan

Designs a communication plan incorporating different forms of communication tailored to the varied interests of an array of stakeholders

Promotes effective engagement strategies

Promotes the use of novel tools to increase stakeholder engagement (stakeholder analysis tool, online forum, visual models, data flow diagrams, etc.)

Administers the selection of appropriate stakeholder participation depending on particular circumstances

Encourages the use of standardised tools and software to implement stakeholder engagement plans

Employs communication tools to simplify the sending, recording, and management of communications to various stakeholders