Public Health Systems

Plan, design, and implement policies focusing on assessing, and improving the overall public health systems



Competency Area

Public Health


Understands various facets of public health systems

Aware of Essential Public Health Services (Revised, 2020) framework

Understands aspects of health administration

Understands health economics and its potential contribution to decision-making in the health sector

Coordinates the resources of health care institutions, social service organizations, public safety personnel, or other agencies to enhance the community health

Applies context to existing practices

Monitors public health status to identify and solve community health problems

Understands health economics methodologies and application to the evaluation of public health interventions

Prepares plan and reactions to community health risks

Designs public health policy instruments

Designs public health interventions

Conducts simulation activities on various administrative levels of the public health system

Prepares precautionary community health reports which include problem explanations, analyses, alternate solutions, and suggestions.

Mobilizes community partnerships and action to identify and solve public health problems

Develops policies designs that support individual and community health efforts

Evaluates effectiveness, accessibility, and quality of personal and population-based health services

Carries out Health Equity Audits and Health Impact Assessments

Contributes to global sustainable public health goals

Promotes effective health systems governance to develop and implement strategies towards achieving UHC by 2030

Recommends risk reduction actions or other public health interventions

Commissions appropriate and effective health and wellbeing initiatives

Contributes to the UN global public health agenda

Contributes to the five key areas of health policy and practice, namely health systems approach, risk assessments, the WHO/UNISDR/HPA Disaster Risk Management fact sheets, chronic disease and disasters, and mental health impacts following disasters